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Dyna-Vite (2 - 10# bags)

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Dyna-Vite (10 lb bag)

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Dyna-vite was developed for the needs of different species of livestock for a Large and Small Animal Veterinary Practice in 1987.

It was formulated for the purpose of providing an all-natural vitamins, minerals, and yeast products that would compliment the feed supplements on the market to meet the health needs of  horses, cattle, pigs, dogs, cats and other species of livestock. We put together a product that was loaded with Vitamin A-D-E, Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorus, Yeast Cultures, Biotin, Zinc, that were economical & beneficial for all different species of livestock, which meets or exceeds the requirements for improved maintenance and overall health needs.

We have several livestock feed dealers that are using Dyna-Vite in Show Cattle and Show Pig Feed Rations. One dealer has a good market for using Dyna-Vite in the Milking Goat Rations.

Dyna-Vite for horses helps improve hoof density and makes their hair coat shine, plus many other health and digestive benefits. The individual horse owner has been one of our largest markets for Dyna-Vite.

Dyna-Vite is being sold on the internet to dog and cat lovers who wants their pets to be healthier and have a thicker coat of hair with a shine on it.

Dyna-Vite is a unique product that has pure Bee's Honey as an All Natural Flavor Enhancer.

Dyna-vite is economical, easy-to-use, and is a solution to help address the health and nutrition needs of your animals, for only a few pennies a day.

(Do not feed to sheep because of the copper in the formula)

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